With Tom Brady hanging up his boots, a question has started to pop up in everyone’s mind. And the question is ‘who will be the next GOAT’? Well, it seems like fans will not have to wait too long for the answer.



Brady himself might have given us the next big thing. Tom has a feeling that Lamar Jackson has the potential to become one of the greatest NFL quarterbacks in history. The Ravens’ signal-caller could even be the next Tom Brady.





He scored 5 touchdown passes in week 1 of the 2019 season and is the youngest QB to play a playoffs game. Jackson has always shown his admiration towards Brady. But it looks like the feeling is mutual.

When Brady faced Jackson in 2019

Did you know that Tom Brady has never defeated Lamar Jackson? The Baltimore Ravens have gone to battle with the New England Patriots many times. Brady has faced the great defensive units of Baltimore. The Patriots have triumphed, but so have the Ravens.



In Tom Brady’s last year in New England, he went up against the Ravens one last time. In this matchup, the Ravens had their young and newly acquired quarterback, Lamar Jackson. This young kid from Florida was slowly taking over the league.





Both the colossal quarterbacks met in week 9 of the 2019 season. The Ravens beat the Patriots with a score of 37-20. Jackson has impressed Brady with his performance. The Ravens went on to have a record-setting season. They ended the year with 14 wins and just two losses. The excellence of Lamar Jackson got him the NFL MVP of the year award.

Tom Brady passes the torch to Lamar Jackson

On Tuesday, after announcing his retirement, Tom Brady posted many Instagram stories. In one of those stories, Brady posted a picture of himself and Lamar Jackson after the 2019 game. The GOAT tagged Jackson and captioned the story, “Your Next.” It is obvious Brady has a lot of respect for the up-and-coming Ravens quarterback.



Tom talked to Lamar on the night Ravens played New England. Brady walked over to Jackson and said, “Lamar!” Jackson turned to see his childhood hero. Both wished each other good luck, and Brady added, “You’re doing some great stuff. Keep it up, man.”





Jackson really appreciated Brady saying all those inspiring words to him; Tom Brady was his hero growing up. Now Brady has passed the torch to Lamar Jackson, and we are sure he will take the sport to new heights.


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