Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers to mull 'tough decision' about future

The Green Bay Packers are currently the most successful team of the season. They have scored a respectable 13-3 record and have claimed the No. 1 seed in the NFC; it looks as if the Packers will dominate their way through the playoffs too.



And since Aaron Rodgers himself is having an MVP-worthy season, it’s hard to suspect that something wrong might happen.
However, Rodgers recently appeared on the MNF ‘Manningcast’ and now it seems that there is one thing that could go wrong.



Will Reigning NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers Break the Manningcast Curse?



And that’s the Manningcast curse. As the rumor goes, the curse has been prevalent throughout the season and has spared none, not even Tom Brady. And as the Packers prepare themselves to meet the Detroit Lions in the season finale. The prophecy predicts that they will not succeed.

However, the Packers look stronger than ever and are entering the playoffs as the most dominant team of the season. Could the Manningcast curse get them to lose to the miserable Lions? Well, honestly the answer to that question will be seen on Sunday when the two teams meet.



Aaron Rodgers about to snap the Manningcast curse

But considering the current form of Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, if they do lose to the Lions, then there is no need to doubt that the curse really prevails. Since the start of the season, a number of players have appeared on the Manningcast, and have mysteriously lost their respective next week’s matchup.



The curse has affected players like Russell Wilson, Josh Allen to even Tom Brady and Matthew Stafford. But now it seems that Aaron Rodgers is going to break the curse as the season ends. As far as Rodgers’ toe injury is concerned, the quarterback said:



“This is the first game that my toe got through the game without any issues, no pregame painkiller shot, so I’m feeling good,” Rodgers said after Sunday night’s win over the Vikings. “I’m happy about it. There was definitely a time a few weeks ago when we started to project and think if we could get the one seed, it could be two-plus weeks of rest, but I’m going to play next week.”

So as the quarterback feels confident, ahead of his season finale appearance. No curse is going to come in his way to stop him from hunting down the Lions this Sunday.


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