What Aaron Rodgers return guarantees for Packers moving forward

The Green Bay Packers are still waiting to hear from Aaron Rodgers on what he plans to do for the 2022 season. Earlier this offseason, the back-to-back MVP said he would make a decision before the new league year kicks in. Rumors of a potential trade ran rampant immediately after the season ended.



However, over the past few weeks, the general consensus seems to be that Rodgers will be back in Green Bay next season. On Thursday night, a report from NFL insider Jeff Howe added to that notion.



“Widespread Belief” Aaron Rodgers Returns With Packers: Fans React



He said there is a “widespread belief” that Rodgers will return to the Packers for another season. Of course, fans didn’t wait long to start reacting to the news – and they’re not shocked at all.

“Hopefully the media can move on from this drama king once this is official. Let GB pay him 50M to be a great regular season player then get bounced in the playoffs,” one fan said. Other fans are predicting yet another early playoff exit for the Packers.







“They are going to go through so many obstacles with cap just to end up losing in the playoffs every year and ruining any build of their future. I love it,” one fan said. It certainly seems like Rodgers is leaning towards going back to Green Bay for at least another season. Is that the right choice?


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