During his first public appearance, Antonio Brown talked about a lot of real stuff. He shed some light on many things that were going on behind the scenes. People do not get to hear both sides of the story all the time.



So Brown tried to show everybody his side of things. He talked about how everyone believes what they are told without knowing the entirety of the situation.





Things got a little heated up when AB compared himself to Rob Gronkowski. He wanted to show everyone who is the best guy on the team. He also touched on the point that, If Tom Brady is his real friend, then why is Antonio Brown on a Prove-it deal?

Antonio Brown compares himself to Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski

Football is a team sport. Each and every player needs the full support of his team to win a game. It doesn’t matter if he is the greatest player in the sport’s history; you are nothing without your team.



This is the point that Antonio Brown was trying to put forward. Brown claims that the Buccaneers called him to win the Super Bowl. And he helped them to do just that. But there was a difference between the way they treated Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski compared to Antonio Brown.





He asks, “If Tom Brady is my boy, then why am I playing for earning his salary?” Then the wide receiver talked about Gronkowski. “Gronkowski is boy, right? How much did he get paid?” One member of the podcast replied, “A significant amount.” To which Antonio added, “Alright, so why is AB on a prove-it deal?” This question has some solid weight in it. The point that the former Buccaneers wide receiver is trying to make is fair.

Brown takes a shot at Brady

Antonio Brown asked everyone on the podcast to tell him who is the best player in Tampa Bay. He asked, “Who is better than me over there? Let’s be real.” He adds, “Let’s not be right, let’s be honest. I want this podcast to be real. Who is the best guy over there?”





According to Brown, what makes Tom Brady the greatest is his team. Without him, even Brady cannot perform well. The 33-year-old wide receiver said that it is not about being a fan but an honest human being.


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