NFL franchise Tampa Bay Buccaneers TE Rob Gronkowski was seen having a cute moment with a reporter over QB Tom Brady. The 4-time Super Bowl winner with Brady was justifying one of his amazing statistics in a victory against the Eagles.



During the post-game presser, Gronk corrected the reporter’s error-prone question against his best friend and Buccaneers QB. The reporter was in awe of Brady’s quick release in throwing the football. She did state that it took him 2.16 seconds to complete his action.





But Gronk quickly jumped to Brady’s defense, as he was quoted, saying, “It was actually 2.11. I saw it on the screen during the game. It was even faster than you said.” He acknowledged the reporter following his statement with his million-dollar smile.



It was a very nice and light moment between the press and Gronkowski, who looked happy following their impressive win. One of Brady’s go-to men, both on and off the field, Gronk is one of the more relatable athletes in the NFL.

Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady: The Dynamic Duo

The term dynamic duo basically means coming together of two entities with their unique traits and attributes. Both Brady and Gronk enjoyed a lot of their success together and because of each other.



Brady and Gronk first came together during their dynasty years with the New England Patriots. Whenever Brady needed an outlet for a throw, Gronk was one of his primary passing targets. Gronk’s freakish athleticism and ability to drive past the defensive lines of the opponents were unique.





He, despite his big build, had an uncanny acceleration following his reception of the ball. There are many legendary videos of Gronk blowing past or through 3-4 defenders consistently. Brady’s vision and arm strength with Gronk’s uncanny size and speed were a deadly combination. The history of American Sports has seen several dynamic duos over the years. But only Gronk and Brady have been able to sustain their telepathic connection across teams. It also was on display during their blowout win over the Philadelphia Eagles, who couldn’t find an answer for this legendary dynamic duo.


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