Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes led his team to a thrilling 42-36 victory over the Buffalo Bills in overtime. With this win Chiefs advance to the AFC Championship. Upon learning that the Chiefs had won, the stadium erupted in celebration.





Players and coaches were celebrating and the fans were going wild. The highlight of the moment was when Patty Mahomes stopped celebrating looking for Josh Allen, and the two hugged upon finding each other. This was a significant moment on such a stressful day and was appreciated by many.

The Patrick Mahomes – Josh Allen rivalry

The Arrowhead Stadium witnessed one of the wildest games, with Patty Mahomes scoring three passing touchdowns and a rushing touchdown. On the other hand, Josh Allen covered 329-yards and scored four passing touchdowns. Both Mahomes and Allen have been incredible and gutsy on the field, this entire season.





SportsCenter shared this post by Mike Golic Jr, who went a step further and declared, “Mahomes-Allen is officially the new Brady-Manning. I don’t need to see anything else.” Surely many would dispute this, but there’s one thing they can’t deny.

Allen and Mahomes put on one of the greatest postseason performances of all time. If it were up to the fans in Arrowhead Stadium, they might as well have been watching the next greatest quarterbacks in the sport’s history.





The Buffalo Bills have been a great team throughout, courtesy Josh Allen. Allen has been impressive in the post season averaging 637 passing yards and 9 touchdown. Mahomes has also been exceptional in this post season, averaging 782 passing yards, 8 passing touchdowns, a rushing touchdown, and an interception. In the end, it was Patty Mahomes who made the game-clinching play for the Chiefs against the Bills.


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