The Rams have knocked The Tampa Bay Buccaneers out of the playoffs. Odell Beckham Jr had triumphed over Tom Brady. The successful season of the veteran quarterback came to an end on Sunday. The Buccaneers could not complete a wild comeback and ultimately lost the game to the Rams in the Raymond James Stadium.





We have seen Brady leave some postseason games without shaking hands. But that was not the case last night. Tom Brady shook hands and even hugged Odell Beckham Jr after the Buccaneers lost. He even congratulated Matthew Stafford and other Rams players.

The division round matchup between the Buccaneers and the Rams

The game between the two NFC giants was action-packed. Both the teams gave it their absolute best on the field. The game started and ended with a field goal by the Rams.





The Buccaneers were in the attack first, but the Rams quickly denied them. With around eight minutes left in the first quarter, Matt Gay made a 26-yard field goal. Then around three minutes, the Rams’ backup tight end Kendall Blanton scored a touchdown. It put LA on a 10 to nothing lead. Tom Brady looked a little shaken up because he threw an incomplete pass. The Bucs only got three points with a late field goal by the end of the first quarter.



The second quarter opened up with the Rams’ QB being sacked. But in the very next play, the pro bowler Cooper Kupp scored an amazing touchdown. The first half was all Rams. They were leading 20-3. But the Buccaneers made a comeback in the second half. They tied the score. A 30-yard field goal by Gay ultimately won the 27-27 game. The end result of the game was 27-30.

Tom Brady and OBJ share a moment after the game

Before the game, Odell Beckham Jr has praised Tom Brady. He has opened up about his relationship with the quarterback. Beckham has said Brady is like a “Big brother.” To him.



Tom Brady Remains Tight-Lipped Regarding His Future With Tampa Bay Buccaneers



After the Buccaneers’ loss to the Ram last night, we saw Tom Brady congratulate some Rams players. Brady and OBJ hugged after the game and shared a good moment. It is clear that Tom has a lot of respect for Beckham. It would have been amazing if we ever saw these two play on the same team. The duo of Beckham and Brady would be unstoppable.


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