Vanessa Bryant achieved one of her husband's dreams in a major investment.

Although losing Kobe and Gianna Bryant will always be a painful memory, the legacy they left behind will continue to warm our hearts. It is also important to know that their dreams and wishes are still been carried out by fans, friends and of course his family.



Vanessa Bryant achieved one of her husband’s dreams in a major investment. The name ‘Mambacita’, was derived from ‘Black Mamba’, which was a named Kobe earned while actively playing basketball, it was given to his daughter Gianna as she was referred to as the smaller version of her father.



Vanessa Bryant Fulfils Kobe's Dream



Kobe had so much plans for the Mambacita name, Bryant applied to trademark “Mambacita,” intending to put the moniker on sporting apparel. This was part of his plan to make it a big brand in the world of sports.



Vanessa achieved this dream when she launched the Mambacita clothing line in honor of Gianna on what would have been her 15th birthday. Vanessa wrote: “In honor of my Gigi’s 15th Birthday”.



It is heartbreaking that both Kobe and Gianna never got to see it, but Vanessa has continued to honor their memory by continuing Kobe’s legacy through the Mamba and Mambacita Sports Foundation he established.


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