On Thursday, The NFL/NFLPA has suspended the Tampa Bay Buccaneers star wide receiver Antonio Brown for three games for misrepresenting his vaccination status. Along with him, safety Mike Edwards and former Bucs wide receiver, and now, a free agent John Franklin III, are all subjected to similar penalties.






The suspensions are effective immediately. According to an NFL Twitter statement, all the players have accepted the discipline waiving their right to repeal. Furthermore, the NFL Insider, Ian Rapoport, reported that they did not retribute the Buccaneers as they cooperative throughout the investigation.






The NFL set foot on the investigation after Antonio Brown’s former chef Steven Ruiz accused him of asking for a fake vaccination card. The Tampa Bay Times recently published a story revealing how AB’s ex-girlfriend talked to the chef about it. The screenshot released did not mention the receiver by name but with his popular nickname ‘AB’. According to the chef, Steven Ruiz, Antonio Brown was asking him to get fake vaccination cards from Johnson & Johnson since it is a single shot and does not require much paperwork.






A screenshot of the conversation between Brown’s girlfriend model Cydney Moreau and chef Ruiz hinted at possible arrangements made by the receiver on acquiring fake cards. Although, according to Ruiz, he was unable to arrange the cards for the receiver and his girlfriend. However, later, Brown showed Ruiz the ones he got elsewhere. The suspension for Antonio Brown has made little of a difference to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers squad. They have sidelined the receiver since Week 6 because of an ankle injury. Although, he will be available in week 16 when the Bucs meet the Panthers in Carolina. Although losing safety, Mike Edwards has been a big blow to the Bucs since he has played in 10 games this season. The safety records for three interceptions for 46 yards with 35 combinations and eight assists. However, the Buccaneers are preparing to go up against the Falcons without the likes of their safety.


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