Carli Lloyd and Tom Brady have been professional sportspersons for decades now. Expectedly, the two legendary players have been subject to criticism and hate, during the course of their career.





Newly-retired, Carli has been spending her time at home with family. In her much deserved time off, she recently took to twitter to express her concurrence with NFL star, Tom Brady.

Carli Lloyd takes inspiration from Tom Brady’s documentary

Carli said adieu to her long successful career with USWNT in 2021. She wanted to spend time with her family, who she had been not able to focus on, owing to her hectic sports schedule.



With more time to indulge in other activities now, the American star watched Tom Brady‘s famous documentary with ESPN, the ‘Man in the Arena.’



In episode eight of his documentary, Tom talked about media criticism. Brady said, ”Everyone feels like they’re entitled to everybody’s thoughts and opinions all the time. Mind your own f****** business, you know what I mean?”





Agreeing with what the NFL legend had said, Carli posted on Twitter saying, ”Truth spoken! ?? #ManInTheArena.”

Carli overcame the hardships to become the queen of soccer

Looking back at what Carli had achieved in her career, it’s a dream of every soccer player. It’s the heroics of players like Carli Lloyd who have established USWNT’s dominance.



Remarkably, she was part of the two times Olympic medal-winning USWNT team; while she also secured the bronze medal at her last mega games. Carli is a two-time FIFA Women’s World Cup champion, and also a two-time FIFA Player of the Year(2015 and 2016).





There were many who tried to pull her down in her journey. Despite it all, she fared astonishingly well till her last match. Tom Brady is an active player at 43, and he is also an example of slamming haters with incredible performances.


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