Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady is really a man, weighing all his options in life and football. His recent exit from the Divisional Round has really made many calling the game to be his final NFL appearance.



While addressing all the questions about stepping away, Brady brings some focus to his thinking process. During his appearance on the Let’s Go podcast, Brady also mentions how Kobe Bryant had so many plans, but fate had other plans.





Brady does state that he is humble and thankful for every opportunity that he got in the NFL. He still clearly cherishes the opportunity to play in front of NFL crowds full of fans. While talking about life beyond football, he states, “We never know what’s going to happen in the future. We really don’t. I mean, Kobe Bryant, a friend of ours, God rest his soul. You think you’re going to live forever? We’re not. We think we’re going to play forever, we’re not.”

Tom Brady speaks his mind on life

Brady is in a very retrospective mood while talking on the podcast. He does show that he doesn’t want to hold any regrets once he goes away. Though stating that he wants to continue performing at a high level, Brady does state that family is equally important for him.





He does realize that football is taking time away from his family time. He does the need to enjoy every single moment of our lives, otherwise we will just forget them. He also takes heart that he played in the Buccaneers playoff game against the Los Angeles Rams.





Despite ending up on the losing side, he was glad to be part of that experience. It is this Brady trait of loving what he does so deeply that result doesn’t really matter to him that gives fans hope. The fans felt that one last season is truly something that Brady needs to have a farewell tour. A decorated career with 7 Super Bowl titles and countless memorable comebacks, Tom Brady does indeed deserve his last hurrah.


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