Father Time is no match for Tom Brady. The quarterback celebrated his 44th birthday just weeks before kicking off his 22nd season in the NFL. Remarkably, Brady is not only still a starting quarterback in the NFL, but he’s also playing at an extremely high level. So much so that he won a Super Bowl in his first year with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.





Throughout his 21-year long career, Brady has broken almost every NFL record he could. Few no longer stand, but there are a ton of NFL records that Brady still holds. There are multiple that will likely never be broken.

Here are five Tom Brady feats that likely won’t be emulated.



#1 – Seven Super Bowl wins



Even before he won his seventh Super Bowl with the Buccaneers last season, Brady still owned the record for most Super Bowl wins by any player in NFL history. His seventh was the icing on the cake. Charles Haley is the only other player in NFL history to win five rings. Haley was a defensive end and won the Super Bowl with the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers. Among quarterbacks, Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw are next behind Brady, with four Super Bowl wins each.



If that wasn’t impressive enough, Brady now has more Super Bowl wins than any franchise in NFL history. The Pittsburgh Steelers and Brady’s former team, the New England Patriots, are tied with six Super Bowl wins. Brady is not only lapping the competition when it comes to players but he’s also won more than all NFL franchises. It’s hard to envision anyone ever again winning at this rate.

#2 – Six game-winning drives in the Super Bowl

Brady doesn’t just casually win Super Bowls, he likes to win dramatically. Aside from Brady’s win with the Buccaneers, his previous six victories in the Super Bowl came off a game-winning drive.

The next closest to this record are Eli Manning and Terry Bradshaw, with two. It’s mind-blowing how clutch Brady has been throughout his career. Whenever a game is to be won on the biggest stage, Brady delivers.

#3 – 3,039 career passing yards in the Super Bowl

In his 10 Super Bowl appearances, Brady has had a lot of success throwing the football. He owns the record for most career passing yards in the Super Bowl with 3,039. That means Brady is averaging 303.9 passing yards in the Super Bowl.

The stats are especially impressive when you consider the Super Bowl features the two best teams in the NFL. That means Brady has put up these numbers against some elite defenses. The next highest is Kurt Warner, who has 1,156 career passing yards in the Super Bowl. It’s going to take some doing to surpass Brady.

#4 – 34 playoff wins

Yes, Brady has won seven Super Bowls, but even in the years he didn’t win a ring, he still has had some level of varying success in the playoffs. Brady has 34 playoff wins in his 21-year career. The next highest is Adam Vinatieri, with 21 career playoffs wins.

Vinatieri was Brady’s long-time teammate early in his career in New England. The next quarterback on the most playoff wins list is Joe Montana with 16. Brady has more than doubled Montana’s career playoff win tally.

It’s going to be hard for another NFL player to come close to Brady’s record of playoff victories. Not only does it take immense talent to win that many games, but it also takes extraordinary longevity and durability to be able to play in that many playoff games, to begin with.

#5 – Five Super Bowl MVP awards

Brady isn’t just winning Super Bowl rings, he’s also winning Super Bowl MVPs. In his seven Super Bowl victories, he’s been named MVP five times. In the other two victories, Deion Branch and Julian Edelman received MVPs. Montana is the only player to come close to this record and he has three.

The reason this record won’t be broken is simple: Only one other NFL player has even won five Super Bowls, let alone five Super Bowl MVPs. The NFL is a league built on parity, but somehow Brady has defied all the odds to put up some of the most impressive stats in the history of the sport.

The scary thing is, Brady isn’t done yet either. He’s in year 22 and he’s shown no signs of slowing down.


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