Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady did have some past statements that he did want to address surrounding his retirement. The 44-year-old QB is one of the aging class of top QBs who has been constantly hounded by retirement questions.



Brady does handle those questions with grace and a million-dollar smile. He is really one of the top athletes who have just given the question of longevity considerable gravitas.





There remain very few athletes in American sports who have such an extended prime namely LeBron James, Aaron Rodgers, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Brady himself. He is a shining example of how taking care of one’s diet and nutrition can be a serious matter in an athlete’s career.

Before Sunday’s wild-card playoff game against the Philadelphia Eagles, the legendary QB was once again facing the retirement questions. According to Buccaneers staff writer Carmen Vitali,





Brady was saying, “I’m just trying to play championship-level football … I used to say ‘when I suck I’ll retire’ but what I really mean is when I can’t lead a team to victory.”

Is Tom Brady dropping hints?

The Buccaneers QB has always been a team-first player throughout his illustrious career. He has always been the QB who has shared his success and the spotlight that comes along with it towards his teammates.





He does recognize that his supporting cast and keeping them healthy and hungry is key for consistent success in the NFL. Many NFL fans were sent into a tizzy by Brady following these statements. They either believe he will be stepping away soon or he is far from being done.

The contrasting reactions do make his plans of significant importance because of his long legacy. He is a vital part of the fabric of the modern era of the NFL irrespective of feelings towards him.





Brady is still a force that is unstoppable for any team on their best day. He is coming off one of his best seasons in recent memory at age 44. The statement itself is just ridiculous and fans only will miss this legendary football figure once he just steps away.


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