Former Buccaneers and Patriots QB Tom Brady is probably the most decorated NFL player in history. The 7-time champion didn’t have a hint of doubt about his chances of winning after entering the league.



While many could point to the roster he was drafted into and who he was playing under, Brady made the difference.The road to reaching that position was rocky and filled with more questions than answers.





The questions came from scouts about his physical abilities and how he was possibly the worst physical specimen of that draft class. But through it all, one thing that none of them didn’t even look for was his intangibles and his mental strength.



During a recent episode of the Let’s Go Podcast, Brady opened up about it stating, “Everyone speaks a hard work or discipline, resiliency is extremely important. I have always thought for sports, believing in yourself is what truly matters. </em It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks, but it matters what you think. I had no doubt that I was gonna be successful.”

Tom Brady and his fairytale career as an NFL QB

The 44-year-old is the epitome of an NFL player who has mastered the art of having longevity in his sport. His 22-year career has not harmed him physically in terms of injuries and is a rare occurrence in the league. He also is the prime example of someone who has made it through hard work and elite discipline.



It is mind-boggling to think he is stepping away after one of his best seasons in the NFL. The mere fact that he teases he might make a comeback is ridiculous. The retirement announcement was only 7 days ago, and an emphatic return doesn’t seem ludicrous.



Tom Brady Gets Candid About Being Favored by NFL Referees: ‘I’m Kind of a Pain in the Ass If You Don’t Already Know That



Brady has brought changes to NFL players and how they preserve their bodies. Brady has been playing at an elite level of competition with a similar level of competitiveness. There is a reason few athletes will ever be able to come close to his achievements in the league. Despite the ever-increasing talent pool of NFL players, Brady will be someone who went under the radar and proved everyone wrong more times than any NFL fan can count.


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