Tom Brady is possibly the best player to have ever played in the NFL. The GOAT has won Superbowls and keeps on breaking records every match. One look at his accomplishments and one would say that he is as perfect as they come. But as they say, nobody is perfect and neither is Brady.






Back in 2014, Tom Brady was involved in what is today called the “deflategate scandal”. As the name suggests, the then Patriots player was accused of purposefully deflating the balls so as to make it easier to catch. Brady’s name popped up in text messages between Patriots employees which was enough evidence for the NFL to suspend him for 4 games and fine the Patriots.






Ever since then, the GOAT has always pledged his innocence. The QB even filed a federal lawsuit against the NFL to overturn his suspension but he never proceeded further than that. Recently, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback was asked a simple question. Why didn’t you don the hat of a whistleblower against the league and answer was simple – “It’s hard to beat 31 billionaires in court”






As traumatic as the scandal was, there were some upsides too for the QB. In the latest episode of ‘Man in the Arena,’ Tom revealed that he had his honeymoon during his four-match suspension. “The third game, my wife and I went to Italy ’cause we never took a honeymoon when we got married but we figured, you know, we have this moment,” Brady said on the program. “We went to the Amalfi Coast, had probably one of the best moments of our marriage. Romantic experience, obviously, just us, the two of us, but she was also my workout partner.”


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