We all need a friend like Tom Brady in our lives. Rob Gronkowski is very lucky to have the quarterback by his side. Having Brady beside you gives you a lot of benefits.



He helps you play better, make records and get big paychecks. It doesn’t matter to Brady if he had to do a reverse Antonio Brown to get Gronk the incentives.





Tom Brady openly defied the Buccaneers head coach, Bruce Arians for Rob Gronkowski. Brady went out of his way to make sure Gronk got a bonus. Because of this, the Week 18 game against the Panthers might have made Arians very mad.

Tom Brady refused to get off the field until Gronk got another reception

As the final week of the regular NFL season comes to an end, every player is trying to hit their incentives. Everybody wants to get that sweet performance bonus.



On Sunday, against Carolina, Tom Brady refused to leave the field unless Rob Gronkowski got at least one more reception. Gronk needed one more reception to get the $500k incentive bonus.





When the head coach Bruce Arians tried to take Brady off the field, he said, “You’re not taking me out.” After this, Brady put his helmet back on and went to throw the ball. He connected with Gronkowski and made him eligible for the bonus.

Rob is on yards and receptions incentives for the season. Both the categories get him $500,000 each. Gronk made seven catches for 137 yards and completed both for a grand total of $1 million.



The tight end has finished this season with 55 catches for 802 yards along with six touchdowns. After Gronk hit the mark, Brady agreed to take a seat and let Blaine Gabbert complete the game.

Would Brady have done this for Antonio Brown?

After this bizarre incident, people couldn’t help but ask, would he have done the same for Brown? In his first public interviews after leaving the Bucs, Brown raised many points.



He said that despite his abilities, he had to play harder to match Gronk’s and Brady’s salaries. The former Buccaneers wide receiver also pointed out that Tom Brady is nothing without his team.





But in the last game of the previous season, Brady helped Brown to get an extra $250,000 in his bank account. In the fourth quarter of the final regular-season game, Tom threw the Ball towards Antonio Brown to make sure he gets his incentives. So it seems like, despite the questions, Tom Brady would have done the same for Antonio Brown.


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