NFL QB Tom Brady did drop a hint about his future plans which might excite the gaming industry experts. During his exclusive interview with HYPEBEAST, Brady introduces his new namesake brand to the whole world.



His new apparel range under the BRADY Brand did run a promotional campaign featuring several NCAA athletes. The promise and potential of these athletes do capture the brand essence in its totality.





Brady, a 7-time Super Bowl champion, turns his attention now to conquer the fashion industry. During his exclusive interview, Brady promises something that was highly anticipated since the apparel’s release.

The interviewer does a great job in setting up Brady to discuss collaborations with his new NFT collection. While talking about this future collaboration, Brady states, “Absolutely.



We’re in the digital age and I see how my kids interact digitally with their friends, all the different games, playing with their VR set. I saw Jordans are doing a really cool collab with an NFT platform and Nike too.”

Tom Brady excites fans with NFT and apparels collaboration

While stating his plans about this exciting opportunity, he does tease a transition of his tangible assets into clothes into virtual.





The reason for this news developing excitement among the gaming and interactive technology industry is that they have a real chance at creating with the BRADY brand. Similar to apparel brands that came before his, Brady recognizes the golden opportunity of business in this sphere.


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