After 22 seasons in the NFL, Tom Brady decided to announce his retirement from the sport. Naturally, the thought of a legend walking away created quite an uproar amongst fans. To most, NFL would never be the same again without Brady.



Of course, the end of one journey is probably the start of another. With Brady no longer a part of the NFL, many have wondered about his future plans. Most times, it is not easy to start a new journey. Taking into account Brady’s history with the sport, it will be difficult for him to make that change.





In a recent interview, Brady addressed the same. While the podcast appearance had Brady speak on various topics, he did focus on golf for some time. By the looks of it, golf might no longer be an option for Brady after the tournament.

Tom Brady on playing golf during his retirement

While on Let’s Go! with Jim Gray, Brady spoke for the first time since he announced his retirement. Naturally, they discussed the Super Bowl 56, along with the process behind his decision to retire. After all, Brady’s illustrious career with seven Super Bowl wins has given NFL some of its finest moments.



One other topic they discussed was what exactly was Brady’s plan after retirement. “Well, I played a little golf this last week, and I can assure you, it won’t be golf,” he said. “Because I retired from football. And I figured I’ve been at golf for one week, and I want to retire from golf because I suck at that sport.”





Brady did admit that he was indeed going to have to find something where his competitive energy might be diverted. Having played as an NFL quarterback for years, Brady would need to get used to being at home. Though there might be other ventures that keep him occupied, playing a sport professionally is another commitment altogether.


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