The recently retired QB Tom Brady shares a special relationship with his wife Gisele Bündchen, who recently gave him a good scare with her Judo-training video. The 41-year-old Brazilian supermodel shared a video displaying her impressive Jiu-Jitsu skills with one of her trainers.



Gisele’s husband, Brady, was highly impressed by her abilities and joked about washing dishes by himself after retirement.It was a supportive and warm reaction by Brady, though it was with a mix of humor.





The 7-time Super Bowl champion might need to be more careful, otherwise, he could become her next training partner. In his reaction to her Jiu-Jitsu skills, he jokingly states, “My days of leaving dishes in the sink are numbered.”

Bündchen is a multi-talented model, author, and environmental activist with her eyes now towards adding martial arts athletes to her resume. It was a collection of impressive moves from the supermodel and something that her husband was encouraging on social media.





Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or BJJ, as a style, was developed in her native home of Brazil, and she seems to be aiming to add self-defense to her arsenal if ever needed. She seems to have really shown an interest in the sport. In the video, she was showing her prowess in understanding all the techniques.

Tom Brady: The retired NFL QB and husband

Brady and Bündchen have been with each other for almost 16 years. Bündchen has been supporting the legendary QB through his good and bad times. The NFL fans have been all invested in the duo and their success in respective fields, many fans themselves aspire for their lives.



Brady considered his better half’s concerns about health to be a driving factor for his NFL retirement nearly a month ago.





Ever since he retired from the game, Brady has been exploring his options outside the sport of football. Gisele has been very supportive of his career on the football pitch and a huge influence on all his decisions. So, it seems the time has come for Brady to support his better half in all her explorations. Those explorations involve learning Jiu-Jitsu for self-defense as well.

They have been a couple who have gone through the ups and downs together. Their bond will once again be under a stern test after Brady’s foray into retirement life. NFL fans will be happy to see this never-before-seen side of Brady, having only been a witness of the competitive and fiery QB.


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