Over the summer, In Touch alleged Gisele Bundchen was trying to start a reality show in hopes that Tom Brady would retire. According to the outlet, Brady and Bundchen planned to work with Fox Entertainment to create the new show, which was sure to be filled with drama.



“Gisele was all for it when she heard the pitch because she’s dying for Tom to retire,” one source dished. Apparently, Brady’s career in the NFL had raised issues in the couple’s marriage for years. In Bundchen’s eyes, a reality show had the potential to make their marriage stronger.





However, insiders close to the duo disagreed, alleging a reality show “could end up ruining Tom’s marriage!” Star reported Gisele Bundchen wanted Tom Brady to cut ties with Tiger Woods. According to the magazine, Woods and Brady had grown close since the quarterback moved to Florida.

However, after Bundchen and Brady went on a double date with Woods and his girlfriend, Erica Herman, the supermodel wanted to call it quits. Sources close to the couples snitched that Bundchen found Herman to be a total bore and didn’t want to deal with her again.



“The guys can chat about sports for hours, but the girls have nothing in common, so they just have to sit around trying to make small talk,” an insider claimed. Apparently, Herman felt the same about Bundchen, calling her “a bit stuck-up,” said insiders.





Learn what really happened with Tom Brady and Tiger Woods’ friendship by reading the full report. A few days ago, the National Enquirer alleged Tom Brady’s career was putting a significant strain on his marriage.

The magazine said Brady promised to retire after the Buccaneers won a Super Bowl, but now “he’s talking about playing until he’s 50!” Bundchen is anything but happy about Brady’s decision, and the outlet claimed she was planning for a $650 million divorce if Brady didn’t hang up his jersey.



“Gisele is both angry and astonished because they’d spoken about him finally settling down to be a full-time father and husband,” on source leaked. However, Brady’s love for football is something he wasn’t ready to give up yet.





The inside concluded by noting, “Gisele has made it clear to him that he needs to call an audible soon – football or his family!”


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