Tom Brady’s ESPN+ documentary series “Man in the Arena” comes to an end. The last episode of the series aired on Tuesday. The finale was very special for New England Patriots fans and Tom Brady himself.



It covered the 2016 season and the Super Bowl 51 game. As the fans remember, the game was a hard-fought victory. But there was another battle going on at the time in Tom Brady’s life.





The season finale of “Man in the Arena” featured Tom Brady and his older sisters Maureen, Julie, and Nancy. “I remember getting a call, I don’t remember exactly when, but there were some concerns that she had ’cause she wasn’t feeling great for a period of time,” Brady recalled during the episode.





Brady’s second oldest sister Julie said, “She was going in for a little checkup, where they found out she had breast cancer, and she also got myeloma,” she added, “The breast cancer she had to start getting treatment right away.

” Times were really tough in the Brady family back then. Their own MVP Galynn Patricia Brady was suffering from breast cancer. Tom Brady’s other sister, Nancy, recalled, “I think to see my mom watch my brother go through this experience, feel for him, and empathize with him.



There was a lot of pain during that time, a lot of stress during that time, and, you know, wanting to protect her baby, she probably internalized a lot of things.” At the start of the 2016 season, Brady was sidelined for four games. It allowed him to focus on his family and especially on his mother. Brady was preparing Galynn to start chemotherapy.

Until the middle of the third quarter, it looked like a Falcons’ victory. The Patriots were losing terribly. The score was 3-28. They somehow made the greatest comeback in history. The Patriots scored 25 points to tie the game in the dying seconds of the fourth quarter.

The game went to overtime, and New England won with a score of 34-28. Brady completed 43 of his 62 pass attempts and covered 466 yards. He was named the Super Bowl MVP after the game.“You know, that year had its challenging aspects and the way that it culminated with us all being together.

After the game with my mom, just, you know, giving her a big hug, and my dad and everyone was crying. It was just a really emotional time,” said Tom. “We won the game, but my mom won, too. My family won, too.”


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