Packers QB Aaron Rodgers earns 4th MVP award, 2nd in a row

The Green Bay Packers enter the 2022 NFL offseason in a bit of a conundrum. On one hand, they are trying to keep a team that was one of the league’s best over the past three seasons, together for one last playoff run. On the other hand, they are also trying to make sure their future is set up beyond 2022.



With Aaron Rodgers having just one year left on his deal and Davante Adams having just the franchise tag left on his, it is more than fair for Green Bay to be wondering what the team will look like beyond this next season. If the Packers keep Rodgers and Adams, and then the two walk in free-agency in 2023, they will receive just two third-round compensatory pick for them in 2024.



Three trade packages for Packers QB Aaron Rodgers if he wants to leave



Because of this, they are undoubtedly weighing all of their options to see if any trades meet their standards. In the end, they have to think long and hard about whether one more run at a ring with Adams and Rodgers (plus two 2024 third’s) is worth more than these three trade offers. NOTE* Every trade given here is contingent on Davante Adams signing at the location.

3 best trade packages Packers must target for Aaron Rodgers

3. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers have a decent amount of cap space and a team that is ready to win now, the only reason that they are not higher up is because they don’t have an offensive line and they don’t play in a dome.

Three trade packages for Packers QB Aaron Rodgers if he wants to leave

Rodgers has spent his career wondering what it would be like to play playoff games that weren’t freezing and it’s hard to see him wanting to go out there and get hit under the Steelers weak offensive line in the blistering cold.

Still, the prestige of the franchise and the belief that they will right the ship sooner than later because they have great upper management and outstanding coaching, keeps them on this list.



2. Denver Broncos

The Broncos have pretty much everything that Rodgers is looking for. He wants to play for a team with a good offensive line, good defense, and offensive weapons. The Broncos bring all of that to the table while simultaneously fielding Rodgers’ old offensive coordinator, Nathaniel Hackett, as their new head coach.

Three trade packages for Packers QB Aaron Rodgers if he wants to leave

The rumor mill has already started to churn out information that Rodgers is indeed interested in Denver. With Hackett being there, it also makes it easier for the team to attract Adams and Marquez Valdes-Scantling. Those two are rumored to be at the top of any wish-list that Rodgers would have. While we absolutely love this as a landing spot for Rodgers, it is still a move from one cold place to another.



1. Indianapolis Colts

This one could be one of the sneakiest yet most viable destinations for Rodgers to finish his career in. Any quarterback would want to play with that offensive line, running game, defense, head coach and domed stadium. The only thing that the Colts are missing is a quarterback and by bringing in Rodgers, the Colts will instantly vault themselves into the upper echelon of the AFC.

Three trade packages for Packers QB Aaron Rodgers if he wants to leave

The Colts have over $40 million in cap space and can create even more with some cuts, so they could sign Adams, make the trade for Rodgers and then still have cash left over in free-agency to replace the departed Pittman with Valdes-Scantling. Rodgers has also been a regular guest on the Pat McAfee show, which is based in Indianapolis.


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