Tyreek Hill is due a big paycheque. The Cheetah is the third jewel in KC’s elite offensive crown. It is arguable who has the most impact on creating wild offensive drives amongst the three, Hill, Kelce, or Mahomes? Fact is, the three combined are a strategic nightmare for any defense.





Ian Rappaport broke the news at the Combine that the Kansas City Front Office is working on a new and third extension for the Super Bowl Winning Wide Receiver. This contract should reflect the extensive value that Hill has brought to the team.

Tyreek Hill will have a traditional contract now

Kansas City extended Hill’s contract back in 2019, signing him for three years and $54 million. But the contract’s structure was aimed at making Hill earn every bit of the money in it. Thus, Rappaport expects the new extension should be more traditionally built. He is also the 16th highest-paid receiver in the league. Well, talent and contribution-wise, it seems unlikely he will go beyond the 10th spot in anyone’s list.





Well, now Hill’s old contract is reaching its expiry date. And with the way the WR market has developed in the last few years, the numbers should be substantial. Essentially, this leaves KC with the same age-old problem that franchises face.

The Multiple Stars Conundrum

Kansas City has multiple Stars playing for them. As per the cap constraints, it is difficult to provide all of them with market-value contracts for an extended period of time. Teams have to get creative with the contract structures to keep their stars together.



As the team’s star players continue to perform and provide immense value, their market values certainly go up. This hampers the overall cap situation at some point or the other. So that is why it is tough for teams to keep multiple stars simultaneously and for an extended period.





The opportunities available after their athletic career are unequal due to one reason or the other. Thus, for some players, it is pertinent to focus on driving their value as high as possible. Just like in any other profession.

Gotta make the most of it

Thus it is safe to expect that Hill will receive a handsome contract for the services he has rendered as a top-notch wide receiver in the NFL. How far that affects the cap situation, remains to be seen, But that should not be a hindrance in any case. He has been an integral part of their recent success. And anyone in Hill’s situation would want to be incentivized to stay there.


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