Three years ago, the NBA lost one of their biggest legends in Kobe Bryant. Since then there has been an intense emotion of remembrance among the fans.



Even pro-athletes from all sports were devastated with the loss and took to public platforms to voice out their support.



Bryant not only set the tone for mentality in basketball, it was for all sports. His ‘Mamba Mentality’ became the coveted mindset for all athletes.

Now, 3 years later, on their 75th anniversary, the NBA will be honoring him with a special gesture. Furthermore, even the famous wife of Russell Wilson, Ciara will be taking part.



The famous pop star took to Instagram to showcase her part in honoring the Mamba’s memory. Furthermore, she also gave a shoutout to Vannesa Bryant, who is spearheading the tribute.

Vanessa Bryant's Countdown to Kobe's BirthdaySince the passing of her husband, Vannesa has been working tirelessly to do justice to her husband’s memory and the latest project is what Ciara has become a part of.



With the NBA maturing to be a 75-year-old organization, a tribute to one of the best in the league is inevitable. With such a momentous occasion coming along, there has been a release of new merchandise that honors both the league’s longevity as well as Bryant’s memory.

Vannesa Bryant and the Mamba & Mambacita Foundation announced the launch of new platinum Lakers jerseys with Bryant’s name as well as his iconic 24 on it. Furthermore, to show support for the cause, Ciara took to Instagram to talk about the part she played in it.



Ciara took to Instagram to share a story showcasing her purchase of the jerseys. She put up a picture of her huge purchase while giving a shoutout to Bryant’s wife.

incidentally, the two couples had been close while Bryant had been alive. Wilson had even paid an incredible tribute to Bryant when he played with the Seahawks.

Wilson himself has gone on to showcase his respect and admiration for Bryant in the past. When he was playing the L. A Rams in 2020 in Divisional games, he had pulled up to his home ground in an all-black Bryant jersey.

As per NBC Sports, he was also wearing the Kobe Grinch 6’s, a famous pair of sneakers for all Mambaheads. Reportedly, his wife and Vanessa Bryant have been good friends for a while now.

Ciara buying the jerseys is a huge gesture that honors the memory of Kobe Bryant. It remains to be seen what tributes other famous personalities will give in the upcoming days.


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