Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. was in a retrospective mood after the birth of his first child and successful knee surgery. It has been an extraordinary month in both OBJ’s life and career. He is coming on the back of winning his first Super Bowl LVI title and also experiencing a change of role into fathering a newborn with his partner Lauren Wood.



The Rams wideout welcomed and announced the birth of Zydn in an emotional Instagram post. The post featured several photos of him and Wood cradling their baby. It seemed to be a heartwarming social media post that made NFL fans collectively congratulate them on the news.





While talking about the baby’s entry into his world, he described Zydn to be the biggest blessing in his life. He claimed the moment of her birth to be positively life-changing and a sign from the almighty God himself. OBJ seems to be on cloud nine, not just about the birth of his daughter but also for another reason.

Odell Beckham Jr. is on the road to recovery after a successful knee surgery

The other good news for the Rams’ wideout was his successful surgery on the injured left knee. While talking about the successful surgery, he states, “Lol I kno yall probably tired of hearing me say this every year now “this my year” BUT IM GON BE BACK!!! U better believe imma be back , and imma be back better than ever before. I mean that Shxt from the bottom of my heart.”



OBJ’s injury occurred during the 3:54 mark of the second quarter of the Super Bowl LVI game against the Cincinnati Bengals. He reportedly suffered a torn ACL and had to make do watching the game from the sidelines.





The Rams superstar was visibly dejected from the injury. But he ended up celebrating with tears of joy after his teammates sealed the deal in the final 2 minutes. Since the end of their season and winning the championship, OBJ had been sidelined through the injury that complicated his plans for the next season.





But with successful surgery, the player now is on the road to recovery and possibly back in action once his rehabilitation finishes. The time with the Rams benefited both the franchise and the player. Rams head coach Sean McVay would look at bringing back OBJ if he makes a full recovery.


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