When you are on top of the sport that you play, you make a lot of friends. When we talk about football, nobody’s more famous than the GOAT Tom Brady. Brady is the most recognizable NFL player of all time. We have seen Brady hang out with a lot of other celebrities.






Recently we saw him playing catch with Kanye West’s son. But perhaps one of Brady’s best and long-time friends is another rapper. One of the biggest names in the game, Snoop Dogg, is a massive fan of football and a friend of Tom Brady. Even though he is a Steelers fan, Snoop Dogg and Brady hang out a lot.






Snoop Dogg has been a part of the legacy of the NFL. He has performed in many Super Bowl halftime shows and commercials. Snoop and Eminem, along with many others, are set to headline the Super Bowl next year. The friendship between Tom Brady and Snoop Dogg goes way back. They have been friends since Brady’s New England Patriots days. Snoop Dogg and Tom Brady have partied together after winning games and Super Bowls. Every Super Bowl that Tom Brady was a part of with the Patriots, Snoop Dogg, was at the party afterward. Despite being a Steelers fan, he was still partying with Brady and the Patriots. He was performing, he was hanging out and doing everything he can to be a part of the Patriots family.






Snoop Dogg attended the week 15 Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New Orleans Saints game. He was there to support his friend, Tom Brady. After the match, Snoop Dogg was talking with the NBC crew. During the interview, he said, “Me and Tom became friends years ago when he was in New England with my friend Willie McGinest, you know. Plus, he’s a California kid. I just love his spirit, his work ethic, and just the way he attacks the game. I just love being friends with somebody that goes as hard as I do.” Snoop admires someone who works as hard as he does. And we all know about Tom Brady’s work ethic. They don’t call him the GOAT for nothing. The friendship between the two is still strong.


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