Skip Bayless Slanders Aaron Rodgers Into Oblivion

Skip Bayless was ready for Aaron Rodgers to lose. In many ways, Rodgers is the LeBron James of the NFL, at least in Skip’s eyes. Rodgers just doesn’t have the same playoff success as Brady, much like LeBron James doesn’t have the same playoff success as Michael Jordan. Regardless, whenever Rodgers falters, Skip is there to make a big deal about it, which is exactly what took place on Saturday evening.





Rodgers was supposed to get an easy win against the San Francisco 49ers, but instead, he lost. It was a horrible offensive performance from Rodgers, and now, his team is out of the playoffs, all while his future with Green Bay will have to be reconsidered. In the meantime, this was great for Bayless, who was able to pop off on Twitter over Rodgers’ failures.



“Aaron Rodgers threw for 225 tonight – but 75 came on that blown-coverage lob to his back Aaron Jones. He mostly dinks and dunks and looks for quick flips to the NFL’s best receiver, Davante Adams. Overhyped, overrated,” Bayless wrote. He then had a lot more to say about Rodgers, except this time, he tried to go for some cringe stand-up comic jokes.





Either way, it was pretty hilarious to see Bayless go off like this. “I guess Aaron Rodgers did become the permanent Jeopardy host, in playoff games,” he wrote. “I guess Aaron Rodgers also got immunized against winning in the postseason.” With Undisputed being recorded as we write this, we’re sure Skip is gearing up for the masterclass of a lifetime.


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