The Antonio Brown incident has been the talk of the town for the entire week. Leaving your team high and dry in the middle of the game is not something many people do.



Many people have jumped to conclusions after Brown walked off the MetLife Stadium on Sunday. But not Tom Brady and Shaq. Before Antonio released a statement, nobody really knew what had happened.





While many straight-up blamed Brown, Tom Brady stood by his side. In a recent interview with The Buzz, Shaquille O’Neal gave Brady some praise for helping Brown.

What did Shaq say in the interview?

On January 5, The Buzz journalist Madison Brodsky sat down with Shaq. It was a normal interview. Madison asked Shaq about his funhouse and they talked about a few things.



During the interview, Brodsky brought up the Antonio Brown incident. During the game against the Jets, Antonio took off his shirt and walked off the field. At the moment, nobody really knew why he did such a thing.



The interviewer asked O’Neal his thoughts as an athlete himself. Shaq said that we live in an age where there are memes and people have different opinions.





Shaq also added, “One thing I’m not going to do is bash the brother.” He adds, “I’ve never met him. I know at one point he was one of the top athletes in the world. Something happened that we don’t know about.”



Shaq did not want to judge Brown for his actions. It is not fair to jump to conclusions without knowing the entirety of the situation.

The NBA legend gives Tom Brady some praise

The way Tom Brady handled the situation impressed Shaq very much. He said, “If you look at what the great Tom Brady said, Tom said, “I care about him, just hope he gets the help he needs.”



That’s right there, like you know, because Tom’s the greatest in the world.” O’Neal then joked about Brady’s G20 classification.





“He has G20 classification. See, I only got G14. Tom has the presidential congressional classification.” The thing that impresses Shaq the most is that Tom Brady could have gone off. But he handled the situation very well. He cares about his fellow teammates. Seeing this unity, Shaq can always count on Brady to make the right decision.


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