Sean McVay plans to stay with the Los Angeles Rams and defend the title next season. Rumors were floating around that the young coach might walk away. McVay himself has said that he doesn’t want to do the same thing for a long time. He wants to move on in life.





And what better way to leave coaching than winning the Super Bowl and leaving on a high?. The 36-year-old is not done with coaching just yet. He even rejected a handsome offer from Amazon for a Thursday Night Football gig. McVay’s loyalties lie with the Rams and he wants to ‘run it back.’

Sean McVay rejects a $100 million offer from Amazon

Amazon Prime Video wanted to meet Sean McVay next week. The company has big plans for Thursday Night Football next season. Amazon wants to dominate NFL broadcasting in the future. And to do that, they wanted to bring McVay onboard as an NFL TV game analyst.



They were even ready to pay the Rams coach up to $100 million. Amazon was looking for a five-year deal in which they would’ve paid McVay $20 million every year. But Sean refused the offer. He wants to stay with the Super Bowl LVI champions.





The HC is making a good amount with the club. He earns $8.5 million per season in LA. The head coach has previously shown interest in an analyst job from Amazon and Fox. If he signed with Amazon, McVay could have potentially teamed up with Al Michaels. Al is on his way to becoming Amazon’s lead play-by-player on the TNF.

This duo could have been fun to see. Michael still looks for a partner to join him on the 1-yard line. Before Sean McVay, Troy Aikman and John Lynch have said no.

McVay is to stay with the Rams for the next season

In the day leading up to the big game, Sean McVay did not shy away from talking about his future. The youngest coach in the NFL said that he doesn’t want to do this until he is 60. McVay wants to prioritize time with his family. He wants a good work-life balance.





After winning the Super Bowl and becoming the youngest coach to ever do it, many people wondered what is next for Sean? It seemed like an analyst job would be better for the work-life balance. It is true that the Rams’ HC does not plan to coach for many years, but he is not done just yet.


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