Since the release of Scottie Pippen’s new book “Unguarded”, the Chicago Bulls legend has been on a promotional run making public appearances and giving interviews.



It’s normal that an athlete of Scottie Pippen’s stature will be asked a lot about who he thinks are the best players in sports. Surprisingly, the former Chicago Bulls player has been giving controversial answers of late.





His first victim was Michael Jordan. His second surprisingly was NFL quarterback Tom Brady. In an interview with GQ Sports, Pippen said it’s “hard” to call Tom Brady the Greatest Of All Time in NFL. The logic behind his reason was that football is a team sport, and he is good at only one aspect.

“It’s hard to place Tom Brady at the top of the NFL,” Pippen said. “Even though he’s won a lot of championships. There are almost 70 players on each team, so is he playing on every side of the football? Is he on kickoff? Is he on the punt returns? Because if he ain’t playing all them roles, then he got to give credit to his team.”





According to, Tom Brady has attempted 9,988 passes in 285 regular-season games, completing 6,377 of them. As a result, the former New England Patriots quarterback has a 62.35 percent completion rate. Tom Brady also threw for 74,751 yards and 541 passing touchdowns with the New England Patriots.

Brady has also made 606 forward attempts when rushing. However, he only has 1,037 yards and 22 touchdowns to his credit. As far as big matches go, none have a better record to boast than the quarterback. Brady has appeared in 41 playoff games for the New England Patriots, according to Pro-Football-Reference.





In those games, he has 1,025 completions on 1,626 attempts with a 63 percent throw completion rate. Brady has also claimed numerous accolades in his 2-decade-long stay with the New England Patriots. He is a 6x Super Bowl winner and 4× Super Bowl MVP. Besides this, Brady was named NFL regular season MVP on three occasions (2007, 2010, and 2017).



A decorated player like Brady being disrespected by Pippen was something that fans couldn’t take. Hence, they took to social media to share their angst. Here are some of the best twitter reactions –

Scottie Pippen is the epitome of petty. No grace, no humility. Like a scorned little brother. It’s gross how ungrateful he is for opportunities others can only dream of.
— Matt Garza (@grapesbygarza) November 17, 2021

Jesus Christ. Scottie Pippen going after Michael Jordan and now Tom Brady? He’s on some Kyrie Irving level crazy shit
— The Just Talk Podcast (@TheJustTalkPod) November 19, 2021

Scottie Pippen has to be the saltiest person walking earth. You’re mad because Tom Brady isn’t a special teams gunner? No wonder MJ was so much better than you.
— GO BIRDS (@e_knifongTV) November 19, 2021


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