Tom Brady; The professional who solidified the foundation of the modern NFL era has now departed from the sport after the 2021 season. The former Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback announced his retirement over Instagram and took social media by storm; however, people still express their judgments about it.





Many people took to Twitter as they wished him luck in his future endeavors; Meanwhile, some stated their point of view, and their reactions have been diverse. Although, things don’t look the way it does. While there have been eternal speculations about his retirement, some new rumors are circulating the whole scenario.

Tom Brady ‘sour’ with Bruce Arians?

Former NFL guard Rich Ohrnberger; who worked alongside Brady under the New England Patriots recently took to Twitter and stated that Tom Brady and Bruce Arians‘ relationship was ‘souring’ and their ‘honeymoon’ was over, which may have fueled the QB to pursue retirement.



Rich tweeted: “Heard some interesting things recently… The Tom Brady & Bruce Arians honeymoon was over in Tampa. The retirement announcement wasn’t because of the trouble seeing eye to eye on the offensive game planning, but the relationship was souring.”





Rich also mentioned that Arians made quarterback Tom Brady and offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich feel ‘undermined’ when their plans were discarded by the coach. There was some ‘tension’ around.



These statements by Rich can be rumors, but they came as a fresh version indicating Brady’s retirement and gave the Twitterverse a new aspect to talk about. However, Brady had positive words for Coach Arians on his post uploaded via Instagram; and vice versa.





There may have been some disagreements, but surely no bad blood among both entities. Although, one point is obvious that his departure does not relate to the trouble regarding offensive game planning.

What’s next for Brady?

Brady has made it clear in his retirement post that he was determined towards his wife and two kids now; Focusing on being a better parent. His record-smashing run alongside the New England Patriots and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers made him the highlight reel of the NFL legacy.





The quarterback hung up his cleats as of now, but he has a positive ‘never say never‘ attitude towards the game and continues to be associated with it.


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