What is football without Tom Brady? The legendary quarterback has been the heart and soul of the league for more than two decades. But after 22 seasons, is it finally time for him to hang up the boots? Football fans, of course, will never be ready to watch Brady walk off the field. But he would know what the right time is.





There is not much left for the QB to achieve anymore. He has every other record under his possession. Brady is arguably the greatest NFL player of all time. GOAT is not just a fancy nickname. Maybe after all this successful season, the time is right.

Tom Brady to address his future on the field soon

CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora reported that the people inside Brady’s inner circle are expecting him to make the announcement soon. In the coming weeks, Tom Brady might confirm his retirement in the coming days.



Ever since the season ended for the Buccaneers, people have been predicting Brady’s retirement. There has not been any official statement about it as of right now. But JLC’s report seems to be strong. However, Tom Brady did release a long statement on his Instagram, thanking all his friends.





In that statement, Brady mentioned that he is a winner. He wants to win. Losing feels like failure. If Terrific Tom feels like he cannot perform at the elite level, he will simply walk away. There has been no deterioration in his performance. Tom has had a phenomenal season. But maybe he feels like he needs to take it easy now.

When can we expect to hear an update from Brady?

Tom Brady has a lot of respect for his sport and the league. Given how big of a star Brady is, his retirement could outshine even the Super Bowl. The seven-time Super Bowl winner would not want to do that of course. Brady would hate to take the light away from the winners.





If Tom Brady wants to, we know he can still play for at least a couple more seasons. The quarterback still has a lot left in the tank. Fans expected the Buccaneers to win the Super Bowl this season, but that didn’t happen. The Rams cut the Buccs route to the Super Bowl short. It would have been nice to see Brady win his eighth Super Bowl ring. Do you think it is the right time for Tom Brady to retire?


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