Green Bay Packers and their special teams’ coaching setup is about to be on the chopping block. Head coach Matt LaFleur is ready to rip it apart and refresh them by hiring Raiders special teams coach.



The Packers’ special teams were a nightmare for them during the regular season and the playoffs. LaFleur was visibly flustered by the unbelievable mistakes made against the San Francisco 49ers.
The Packers head coach is doing his best to improve any weakness this offseason.





The Packers fans are sure to be happy about this move by the franchise. Despite entering the playoffs in dominating fashion, the Packers were shaky in the special teams’ department.





It was an abrupt end to a Super Bowl-bound hype train, which did derail before hitting full speed. LaFleur also might be preparing a better iteration of last year’s squad for another hidden reason. It might be to show certain someone that they still have Super Bowl ambition and are in the best situation to win it.

Green Bay Packers go headhunting for coach Rich Bisaccia

The candidate that has caught LaFleur’s eye is the Las Vegas Raiders special teams coach Rich Bisaccia. Bisaccia also was an interim head coach of the Raiders when head coach Jon Gruden did resign.



He did show leadership and coaching to lead them to the playoffs. But the Raiders ownership did choose to look elsewhere and hired Josh McDaniels instead. Bisaccia could be looking for a new role, and LaFleur could be offering him a big chance.





He also has experience with other NFL franchises and could be someone who can push the special teams to new highs. Further, he was scouting the head coaching market for open vacancies and did come up short on that front. Rich Bisaccia will be replacing Maurice Drayton only after one season in charge. The move will be a make-or-break opportunity for the Packers looking to compete in 2022. But they do have some other formalities to take care of and solve before making a push again next season.


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