Peyton Manning wants Tom Brady to cite him for copying his trap pass play, that Brady used during his matchup against the New York Giants on Monday. As the NFL icon delivered his usually emphatic spell against the Giants, the elder Manning, during his most recent episode of Manningcast, discussed how efficient the play is to this day.





During the second quarter of the game, when the score leveled up 10-10 between two sides, Peyton saw Brady and Rob Gronkowski make a play that was a bit too familiar to him. So he told Eli Manning and Kevin Hart, the guest of the show that he has seen them make the trap pass play during their time with the New England Patriots.





“Hey Eli, we talked about that, Eagles, Patriots, Super Bowl, Rob Gronkowski, Tom Brady, a lot of the same plays Tampa is running tonight with the same plays that the Patriots ran in that Super Bowl,” Peyton said. “Right there, that’s a classic trap pass play. “They pull the guard, Gronkowski, right down in the middle. Nice breakup man by the Giants. Did Tampa steal that play from Indianapolis? Yes, they did. But it’s still a good play. I just want Tom to cite me for the play,” Peyton further added.





Following his well-rounded explanation of his old Indianapolis playbook being recreated in front of him, television personality and comedian Kevin Hart followed his ultra instinct to mock the NFL legend on his overly enthusiastic explanation on the matter. “We used to run the same play in my church league. It’s the trap play,” Kevin Hart said jokingly. However, the supposed trap play by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was certainly more intricate than Kevin Hart’s church league play as the Tom Brady side pulled off an easy victory against the Giants from there and ended the play by 30-10 scoreline.


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