Patrick Mahomes' Wife Shares Loch Lloyd Mansion Construction Photo

Patrick Mahomes, with his $503 million 10-year contract, has made it clear that he will be in Kansas City for a long time, so he’s laying down roots. He’s purchased a “piece of land” in the area on which to build a house.



In September 2020, a huge, undeveloped plot in Loch Lloyd was purchased for $400,000. While some consider the site to be modest, we can only picture the building expenditures for a custom-built house appropriate for the NFL’s brightest QB.

Mahomes disclosed some ideas for his future property while speaking about the land. “I’m going to have a half-football field so I can get some work in with some guys out there,” he explained. As a basketball lover, he stated that the house will also include a full-size court. “I’ll have a basketball court,” said Mahomes.



In a recent post by Mahomes’ pregnant wife, Brittany, she shared what seemed to be a photo from the ongoing construction on the land. This is not the first time as she also shared a different photo last month. She captioned the photo, “Had to get a little spunky in some places”.



Brittany Mahomes Shares Loch Lloyd Mansion Construction Photo



Mahomes who is expecting the birth of his son, will spend quality time bonding with his children after previously stating that the Basketball court will be for his children, as he is banned from playing it, “That’s not for me, that’s for the kids”.



He also stated that it’ll have a golf course, “It’ll have a little golf stuff out there as well”. This goes to show that Mahomes intends to spend a very long time or probably retire at Kansas City Chiefs as he builds a mansion fit for retirement.


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