Patrick Mahomes Teaches His Daughter to Play With Newborn Baby Brother

In addition to being a successful NFL quarterback, Patrick Mahomes is a joyful father to two children. The QB recently revealed the birth of his second kid, a boy named Patrick “Bronze” Lavon Mahomes III, who has since been a topic of conversation for fans in addition to his football exploits.



Patrick Mahomes' Pregnant Wife Hints at Due Date

While Mahomes was on the spotlight, he discussed his older daughter’s troubles in embracing a new family member.



The Chiefs quarterback’s life off the field and inside it has been under intense fan scrutiny ever since he entered the NFL. It was all because of his fantastic attitude and exceptional gameplay, which elevated him to the top of the current generation.





While speaking in an interview with ‘The Drive’, Mahomes shared a cute story about his 21-month-old daughter Sterling Skye dealing with her sister’s duties. He mentioned the struggles Skye faced dealing with the unexpected addition of his new child.

“She wants to hold him, and take care of him, and everything like that,” Mahomes said with pride. “She wants to play all day, and we have to tell her to be gentle. And we have to tell her to don’t throw him like a toy baby. That’s a real baby you got there,” he explained. Recently, the power couple Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews caught headlines after they disclosed the second child’s arrival.


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