Patrick Mahomes and his fiancé Brittany have become the center stage for mocks and backlash yet again; this time due to an interaction between him and his fiance, leading to widespread Twitterati talks and assumptions.





The couple has been dealing with such situations quite a lot. She was once under the people’s firing range because of her actions at a Chiefs game; where she sprayed champagne over the attendants at the stadium after the Chiefs won the playoff game. Now that the theories and trolls have gone excessive, the quarterback has appeared in for some defense on social media.

Patrick Mahomes & Brittany’s grin situation

The situation happened when Patrick Mahomes and his fiancé Brittany Matthews attended a Texas Tech Red Raiders game at the United Supermarkets Arena in Texas. As the camera turned towards the couple who were seated at the courtside, Patrick removes his arm from Brittany and had an undisclosed interaction.



Her fiancé’s facial expression made it look like she wasn’t happy and looked quite alarmed. The footage has got viral over Twitter and people are carrying out excessive theories and trying to figure out what they were conversing.





After the situation arose and netizens started scrutinizing Brittany; Patrick came in and shot a couple of tweets on her future wife’s cover. He tweeted a text which indicated towards the mockers, stating: “Y’all just be making stuff up these days.”





This is not the first time he took to Twitter regarding the recent mockery they have been facing. Moreover, Mahomes previously tweeted over this situation as well; He sided with Matthews as he stated: ‘Man people are weird… love you babe [Brittany Matthews].’
to which she retorted, ‘I love you.’



Patrick Mahomes and Brittany have been together since high school. The couple is currently engaged, and are parents to a daughter named Sterling Skye, who turns a year old this month.





However, this hasn’t halted people and analysts mentioning them as they are lashing out over Mahomes’ family members as well; arguing that both Brittany and Mahomes’s brother Jackson has been sidetracking the quarterback from his games.


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