Patrick Mahomes is one of the brightest stars in the NFL today. This young man has the potential to reach great heights. Kansas City is Mahomes’ Home, and he wants to invest more in it.



The star quarterback knows that he won’t be able to play football for all his life. He has invested in the ownership of two major franchises in Kansas.





Mahomes is a part-owner of Major League Soccer team Sporting Kansas City and Major League Baseball’s Royals. This is not just an expensive hobby for Mahomes. This is for the love of professional sports.

Why did Patrick Mahomes buy ownership in two different sports teams?

Currently, the 26-year-old has a very satisfying job as the main quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs. He has experienced splendid success with his team. After dominating the AFC West division, the Chiefs wait for their first playoffs game against the Bills.



For Mahomes, these ownerships are not just a way to spend money. The quarterback looks at these as an internship. He wants to prepare himself for a job after returning from the NFL. He also does this out of his love for the Kansas City community.





“This is just a start, honestly,” said Mahomes. “I want to invest in the Kansas City community, and I want to have something that my kids will be able to have once I’m gone.” Patrick Mahomes also touched upon how these franchises will help him in the long run.





“I don’t think you’ve been able to see a football player be able to do that yet,” he adds, “But it’s definitely something I’ve looked into. It’s a long process, and getting to learn from some of these people that run great franchises now is definitely going to help me in the long run.”

Other pro athletes who own a franchise

We have seen this being done before. Legends like Michael Jordan, Derek Jeter, and many others own big franchises in pro sports.





As if right now, Patrick Mahomes is signed to the Kansas City Chiefs till 2031. He has a decade-long career left at the very least. But when it will all be over, Mahomes will be ready for the next chapter.


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