Patrick Mahomes has certainly become the new-gen star of the league after a phenomenal performance against the Josh Allen-led Buffalo Bills. He led his Kansas City Chiefs to a 42-36 ticket to the AFC Conference Championship Game.



He has helped the franchise reach the four AFC Conference Championship Games in a row. However, it was not easy for him to do so. The two beast quarterbacks locked horns in a battle that many believe to be the best Divisional Round game ever to be played.





None of the two sides backed down as both continued to play a rally of touchdowns scored one after the other. It was certainly a delight for the ones in the Arrowhead Stadium since the home team emerged victorious in the end.

In the battle of quarterbacks, it is hard to evaluate who was the better performer of the night. Patrick Mahomes finished with 33 passes of 44 attempts for 378 yards scoring three passing touchdowns with no interceptions.





Furthermore, he also scrambled for a touchdown in seven carries covering 69 yards. While Josh Allen completed 27 of 37 pass attempts for 329 yards scoring four touchdowns and no overturns. Judging by those numbers, there couldn’t have been a clear winner, yet the Chiefs took full advantage of the OT possession to get the win.

Patrick Mahomes giving the QB elites a tough competition

Turns out, Mahomes who is in his five seasons in the NFL has already qualified for the AFC Conference Championship Game four times, which puts him ahead of some elite class of quarterbacks.



He is one more than Drew Brees and Dan Marino, two more than Russell Wilson and Matt Ryan. And has also tied with Troy Aikman and Steve Young. Mahomes still has a long way to go in his NFL career, and he is already leaping over so many legends in terms of stats.





With that in mind, one can only imagine what will his resume look like when Patrick will retire from the sport. The Chiefs, after claiming a win against the Bills, are now preparing to host the Cincinnati Bengals in the Arrowhead Stadium. It is going to be a fierce battle between the two sides.


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