Patrick Mahomes joins Gronkowski in earning $3.4 million in 20 minutes.

Patrick Mahomes is a highlight machine both on and off the field. Following in the footsteps of Rob Gronkowski, Mahomes earned $3.4 million in just 20 minutes by selling NFTs once.




The NFT market is rapidly expanding, and athletes are eager to get in on the action. Tom Brady launched his own NFT company, Autograph, while other high-profile athletes are entering the market and selling valuable assets for large profits.





Rob Gronkowski joined that club in 2021, when he sold $1.8 million in NFTs through his trading card auction. Gronk sold limited edition artwork as well as a one-of-a-kind piece for around $430,000 or 229 Ether.

Patrick Mahomes opens up “The Museum of Mahomes” and follows Rob Gronkowski in making $3.4 million in only 20 minutes
Maybe taking motivation from Rob Gronkowski, Mahomes took advantage of his virtual workmanship exhibition. He set up six distinct bits of work of art on the digital art site, MakersPlace, and attempted to sell as much as he could in a restricted time. Four of these pieces were open editions and were worth roughly around of $2,500 to $10,000.



Patrick Mahomes joins Gronkowski in earning $3.4 million in 20 minutes.



Then, he opened up the last two pieces which were limited edition,, each going for $15,000. 451 open edition pieces were sold shortly for a sum of $2 million and 95 limited version pieces for $1.4 million, making the all out income $3.4 million. Every one of the buys were made in around 20 minutes.

The “work of art collection” was known as “The Museum of Mahomes.”
Mahomes didn’t take all of his profit either as a piece of the returns were given to Mahomes’ establishment, 15 and the Mahomies, and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Missouri.



Patrick Mahomes has a total assets of $40 million and he marked a $503 million expansion with the Chiefs, yet he’s actually hoping to bring in cash moves.

“I’m hoping to break limits and leave a mark on the world on and off the field,” Mahomes said. “That is the incredible thing about being a athlete nowadays, you have such countless outlets and amazing chances to extend your image and have an effect.”


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