Patrick Mahomes’ fiancee, Brittany Matthews has been the subject of quite a lot of buzz in the NFL world. Her instinctive champagne celebration during the Kansas City Chiefs’ dramatic overtime win against the Buffalo Bills attracted a backlash.





However, she has decided to turn that into something good and productive. Brittany is routinely targeted online after almost every game week. Her being bullied on social media has led her to make good out of the unfortunate trend. In her Instagram story, she recently revealed her plans for the same.

Brittany Matthews turning hatred into positivity

Brittany introduced the sale of ‘Team Brittany’ shirts partnered with the clothing company ‘Charlie Hustle.’ She revealed that “the proceeds from the sales of this shirt are gonna go to Red Card KC which is a local charity here in Kansas City that works to prevent bullying.”



The 26-year-old fitness trainer also stated that she gets bullied on the internet so many times that she would be happy to help those who deal with the same. “I do receive a lot of hate on a daily basis on social media and I know so so so many other people do as well,” Matthews said.





“That’s why I’m just proud to partner with this company and get behind this cause and hopefully push everything into the right direction and start spreading some more positivity on all of these platforms,” she added.

As bold as Brittany

It’s surely a bold and powerful step taken by future Mrs. Mahomes. Her initiative has been carried forward by many since people have already extended their love and support for Brittany by buying the shirt.



The Charlie Hustle Clothing Co. in their Twitter post stated, “seriously… leave Brittany alone” while announcing their partnership with her. Clearly, the initiative will raise both money and awareness to help those in need, and the courtesy goes to the young Brittany Matthews.





The Kansas City Chiefs will be hosting the Cincinnati Bengals this Sunday for the AFC Conference Championship. And many might be seen donning the Brittany shirt in the Arrowhead Stadium. While Brittany will be there on the sidelines, cheering for the Chiefs like a die-hard fan.


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