Patrick Mahomes Details Recovery From First Career 'Slump'

Patrick Mahomes mentioned a couple games from last November, when he was attempting to recover from his first major slump of his career, which included games against the Giants, Packers, and Cowboys.



We were winning, but I wasn’t playing my best football, and the defense was helping us out,” Mahomes stated. “Then I kind of got in that groove again, I’m getting the ball out and stuff started getting better and better.



Patrick Mahomes Details Recovery From First Career 'Slump'



Starting on December 12, the streak comprised of five games: twelve touchdowns, one interception, a 114.5 rating, and a 70.6 percent completion rate. “You saw me get the ball out faster,” Mahomes said.

And then once I started to ball fast and people realized I would do that, they came up and I was able to hit some of the deep shots.”



Mahomes was practically flawless by January, throwing for 782 yards, eight touchdowns, and one interception in playoff wins over Pittsburgh and Buffalo. Mahomes did not attempt a pass greater than 20 yards in that win over the Bills, one of the finest quarterback duels in NFL history.



When coach Reid was asked what he learned when Mahomes was not throwing deeper balls, “He can do all that stuff,” Reid said, “It’s just a matter of seeing it and doing it.”


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