Patrick Mahomes And Durant's Billion Dollar Venture Triples in Value

The Chiefs and Nets stars aren’t content with their current salaries. Patrick Mahomes agreed to a 10-year, $503 million agreement, while Kevin Durant agreed to a four-year, $194,219,320 extension with the Nets. That money is now going to Whoop.



Mahomes and Kevin Durant are expected to make a lot of money from the partnership. They’ve invested a lot of money in the business, and the company’s valuation has risen, causing its stock prices to rise.



Whoop utilized their gadget to track Mahomes’ cardiac statistics throughout his divisional round game, and the results on his heart rate were fascinating. While the Bills had the ball, his heart rate increased, and it was reduced when he was leading his team down the field.





Whoop is a firm that is developing a wearable gadget that will allow users to keep track on their heart rate and activity, as well as their sleeping habits and other vital health records.

Will Ahmed and his colleagues Nicolae and Capodilupo started the firm. The Whoop was valued $1 billion in 2020. It then raised $100 million in a Series E fundraising round, valuing the firm at $1.2 billion. Whoop’s distinctness stems from its absence of a screen and calling capability, instead focusing entirely on health.



The firm is currently valued at $3.6 billion. Larry Fitzgerald, Eli Manning, Rory McIlroy, and Justin Thomas are among the other investors.


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