Report: What Packers Could Potentially Get For Jordan Love

The Green Bay Packers spent a first round pick on quarterback Jordan Love in the 2020 NFL Draft. Is the NFC North franchise regretting that? Probably. The Packers are hoping to bring MVP Aaron Rodgers back for another year in Green Bay. However, if the NFC North franchise is unable to do that, it could be Love’s time in Green Bay.



That might not go very well, though. According to NFL insider Benjamin Allbright, the Packers do not believe in the young quarterback. “Around the league everyone knows GB doesn’t believe in Love. Dealing him now would net a minimal return. Late day 3 pick. He’s not on the block and also isn’t in demand,” he tweeted.





Yikes. “I have a hard time believing that Love wouldn’t at least get a 4th round pick. I’m not sure why a team that needs a QB wouldn’t take a shot on him,” one fan tweeted.

“I’ve always said that if Rodgers stay you might as well keep Love if you can. Dude is under team control the next three years anyway,” another fan added.



Packers “Don’t Believe” In Jordan Love: NFL World Reacts

“If GB can’t get anything better than a late-round pick, it’s better to keep Love. Inexpensive backup, at least, even if you don’t believe he’ll be the starter after Rodgers retires,” one fan added. Love, 23, threw for 411 yards, two touchdowns and three interceptions in 2021.


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