Packers Announce Stock Sale News: NFL World Reacts

The Green Bay Packers‘ sixth-ever stock sale is complete. 176,160 new shareholders are in the fold. That equated to about $65.8 million raised in the offering. What’s the significance here? Not much for the shareholders. The stock doesn’t hold any financial value. There are a few perks, like a certificate stating you’re a part-owner. Other than that, it’s not much.



The Packers, on the other hand, have used this as way to raise money in the past. The money apparently isn’t used for player salaries or bonuses. It’s instead used for things like stadium upgrades. The Packers have $65.8 million to add to their account. The shareholders have, well, not much to brag about.





“I will never understand why someone would buy these ‘stocks’ lol,” one fan tweeted. “This is amazing! People are buying “stock” in a professional football that actually gets them nothing other than a piece of paper…and they have now done it 6 times!,” one fan wrote.

“The GB Packers are the envy of all other sports franchise owners. The franchise is worth $3.5B and whenever they need money instead of asking the city for tax dollars or breaks they just ask the citizens who willingly give it up without so much a peep of opposition. Amazing,” a fan said.



Green Bay Packers fans seems to be the most diehard sports fans out there. What other club fan base would buy $65.8 million of worthless stock?


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