Antonio Brown last week sent shock waves across the world when he mid-game left the field against the Jets. While the Bucs eventually managed to win the match, leaving your teammates in the middle of the game is still disrespectful.



Ever since the controversy erupted, both the camps have been throwing mud at each other. While Antonio Brown claims that Bucs coaches forced him to play despite knowing of his ankle injury; Bucs head coach Bruce Arians on the other hand claims Brown refused to enter the field because he said he “ain’t getting the ball.”





While we still don’t know who is right, one thing is certain – Antonio Brown is no longer a Bucs player.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have released Antonio Brown

The past seven days have revealed new subplots in the Brown – Bucs fiasco. In the final chapter, however, the Bucs have come all guns blazing.



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Moments earlier, the Bucs released an official statement announcing the dissolution of their partnership with Antonio Brown. Not only did they announce his release but also hit back on every claim made by the WR.


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