TAMPA, FLORIDA - JANUARY 23: Odell Beckham Jr. #3 of the Los Angeles Rams runs with the ball in the first quarter of the game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFC Divisional Playoff game at Raymond James Stadium on January 23, 2022 in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

It looks like Odell Beckham Jr. has finally found a place in the NFL where he belongs. His journey in the league has been rife with unfavorable circumstances preventing him from reaching his full potential. But it seems this year he has arrived at just the place he needed to.





The 2021-22 season saw OBJ come to the LA Rams and set up shop for a year. As it comes to an end, OBJ shared his plans on what the future might hold for him. When NFL writer Nick Shook asked OBJ about his future plans and if he’d be willing to take a pay cut to stay in LA, OBJ quickly said, “Yeah, of course.” It seems like for OBJ his team is “home.”

OBJ is changing holistically

It is not just in words that the LSU alum is showcasing change. NFL experts and the stat sheets state his case for having altered his approach to the game.Ex-QB and TV broadcaster Dan Orlovsky put it brilliantly when he said, “In many ways, the old Odell is back, but he’s a different version.”

The future is still uncertain

Reports suggest all might not be well for Odell at LA and from the team’s perspective, letting him go could be the right decision. With the cap looking like an issue for the Rams in 2023, it is unclear whether a deal could be made available for OBJ at LA.



Robert Woods, who tore his ACL right after OBJ’s signing, will look to make a comeback next season. Keeping both the players in the roster looks like a luxury the Rams might not be able to afford.





OBJ’s performance would not be the issue though. In the regular season for the Rams, he put up 305 yards on 27 receptions with five touchdowns. In his NFC Championship outing, he registered nine receptions for 113 yards against the 49ers. This does not look like an easy decision for the Rams.



OBJ is not just appreciated by fans throughout the league. Even ex-teammates turned friends have come out to wish him the best on his Super Bowl visit. WR Jarvis Landry surprised OBJ during his media availability recently.

Rams’ foundation is their core-strength

The LA Rams have been a top-tier team in the recent past because of their foundational core strength. It seems like the Sean Mcvay-led team grows from the inside out. They have a very strong core spearheaded by Aaron Donald who sets the tone, and the others follow.



This year, the pre-season addition of veteran QB Matt Stafford along with the midseason acquisition of OBJ, created the perfect storm required to put the Rams over the hump.





The Rams have not won the Super Bowl since 1999 and had an unmemorable outcome the last time they were here. A new face at the helm, a humbled star at the WR position, and a core team that is as hungry as ever are key elements of the Rams arsenal.



As far as OBJ is concerned, he has been a star from the moment he entered the league. But all of his fans wanted to see him perform at the biggest stage under the brightest lights. Although the future stands undecided for him, for the time being, fans will have a chance to see OBJ at the Super Bowl LVI.


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