The National Football League (NFL) has been on a very difficult road similar to many other American Sports. The Sports World with the NFL did get a shell shock in terms of revenue while reporting big losses during the pandemic.



The stadiums also were hosted football matches without fans. The importance of fans within the NFL has been always of high regard for NFL players and coaches.





All the big players during the course of the 2021 season did notice and speak out on the difference between playing with and without fans. It seems the feeling was mutual for the millions of NFL fans.

The league during the 2021 season did average 17.1 million viewers across television and digital platforms. It did mark a 10% increase from 2020, the highest regular-season average viewership since their 2015 numbers. Almost 370 billion total minutes of content was being consumed, which displays a +18% growth vs. 2020 figures.

Exhilarating NFL Football attractive for fans

The 2021 season was a unique experiment from the NFL, as for the first time, each team did play 17 regular-season games. It seems the gamble did pay off by providing fans with an extra week of regular-season NFL action.



While speaking about their viewership success, NFL Media CEO and Executive Vice President Hans Schroeder do credit the fans. He continues while stating, “Featuring an incredible play on the field and close contests, the 2021 regular season proved to be one of the most exciting and exhilarating of all time.”





The pandemic seems to have only brought fans and their favorite teams closer. They not only did fill seats in stadiums but also did increase their outreach internationally. There were 34 close games in the 2021 season, the most ever on record in a single season.

Adding to this were the 49 game-winning drives in the dying seconds, which were jointly tied for the previous record. All these factors brought in more fans and eyeballs to the product and kept them glued to their electronic devices.





A small credit does go to the NFL Media, but major strides were possible due to the efforts of their players and coaches. The NFL, if it continues to maintain and improve on this rate, will soon be one that will capture the World’s imagination.


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