The defending champions Tampa Bay Buccaneers witness the Tom Brady effect again as they make their way to the Divisional Round by defeating the Philadelphia Eagles. There is no room for doubt that the team is well in the form to win the Super Bowl for the second straight year.



However, Twitter will set ablaze every time Tampa Bay takes the field, just as it happened on Sunday. The Buccaneers dominated every aspect of the play and eliminated the Philadelphia Eagles out of the season. They started to lead the scoreboard since the start of the game, which helped assert pressure over the guests.





The Eagles succumbed to the pressure as they did not score in the first three-quarters of the game. The key players of the game were quarterback Tom Brady as usual, running backs Ke’Shawn Vaughn and Giovani Bernard, wide receiver Mike Evans, and tight end Rob Gronkowski. The game was pretty much one-sided as the defending champions humiliated the Eagles in the Raymond James Stadium. And the end result was 31-15 in favor of the Bucs.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers makes the Divisional Round again

Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ success proves that Brady is certainly a pivotal prospect for the Buccaneers since the Bucs have made it this far in the season for the second time under him.



Before the Brady era, the Bucs last made the playoffs in 2007, when they lost in the Wild Card Round. Brady finished with 29 of 37 pass attempts for 271 yards with two scores and no interceptions.





His companion throughout the game was Mike Evans, who was the red area target for Brady through and through. And he did not let the Bucs realize that they have been shorthanded of receivers. Brady has been the ‘Man in the Arena‘ for the Bucs past two years, and Twitter has a lot of praises for him. It is yet to be decided who will meet the Bucs in the Divisional Round. But its outcome is already assumed by many.


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