Several viral occurrences which involve Patrick Mahomes’ brother and future sister-in-law Brittany Matthews made news titles during the 2021-22 NFL season. Since then, situations haven’t been functioning well for Jackson.





Jackson Mahomes has experienced an onslaught of criticism for his TikTok dance videos and other on and off-line activities. Despite being downright unaware of the situation, the social media influencer is now irritated by the media’s constant criticism of him while he’s in the spotlight.

Patrick Mahomes’ Brother a victim of social media?

Patrick Mahomes’ brother is called out by a food retail business on TikTok last week for allegedly scamming them. Previously, it was claimed that Patrick Mahomes had instructed Jackson and his fiancée, Brittany Matthews, not to attend games because they were a distraction. When the rumor circulated, the quarterback came to put an end to it as well.



Jackson recently addressed his issue via Instagram Stories; He captioned a photo he took with the phrase, “I hate media/news it’s destroying my life…” He posted a second picture in which Brother Mahomes added, “broken/sad/disrespected.”





Twitter users reacted with a series of tweets after quickly capturing a screengrab of the Instagram story. While some followers felt sad for the TikTok star, most of them seem to be upset by his recent actions. Some Twitter users wonder if Mahomes’ remark is about his absence from his brother’s bachelor party in Las Vegas, as he is nowhere to be seen in the pictures.

A Never-ending Disrespect?

Patrick Mahomes’ brother may have got the taste of how brutal social media can be. Given his past actions faced extreme criticism by the public, the influencer may think twice before taking any step in the future. There’s a valid reason to be upset about the infamous spotlight as one will be upset at reading negative comments regarding himself.





Moreover, to be a social media influencer is an extremely responsible task, and one should well know his actions and the consequences as well. Jackson has a unique fan following who can be extremely critical, actively calling him over social media. The media’s portrayal of the influencer shapes the audience’s mind, and a negative portrayal might disparage the entity.


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